May’s 30 Day Core Challenge


This month we are focusing on our Abs/Core.

This 30-Day Core/ Ab Challenge Will Blast Tummy Fat and Build a Rock-Solid Core in 4 Weeks.

When your core is strong, you can focus on improving the range of motion in your hips and the upper part of your back. When your low back overcompensates for movement, your hips and upper part of your spine lock up and gets tight, then you are more prone to injury.

We will work all three areas, from your rectus abdominis—the front ab muscles that give you that “flat belly” six-pack look, to the transverse abdominis, which are the deep “corseting” muscles that support your spine, and your obliques, aka your love- handles, these core exercises will fire up your middle to help you move better and more safely.

Let’s do this together – having someone to be accountable to is a great motivator.

Say YES below if you are joining the tribe!

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