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Welcome to A happy life

I’m Georgie, wife and mother. This is a positive blog focusing on Yoga, Nutrition, Wellbeing and Lifestyle, sharing Yoga tutorials, Mindful Mediations, Yummy recipes and general wellness ideas. 

BODY / Yoga

A Happy Life Yoga classes are based on Vinyasa Flow sequences.

We aim to be fully accessible for all levels and abilities, while some classes are more challenging than others, we always provide modifications for you to tailor the class to your desire.

The practice always provides a full-body experience that allows you to strengthen, lengthen, open and breathe.


A Happy Life encourages wellness through food and self-care. Here we focus on sharing wonderful recipes and nutritional advice for a healthier you.

Perhaps discover a plant-based diet or delve into the ancient Ayurvedic ideas of eating.


The Balance of a healthy body with a happy mind is crucial.

The two are intrinsically linked. To fulfil the latter, here at A Happy Life we hope to inspire you to create a daily “pep- up” with affirmations, wellness ideas and meditation tutorials.

Latest from the blog
These Three paths led me to where I am today.


Kindness & Understanding

Spirituality has brought a sense of peace to me. For the first time in my life I’m truly happy with my authentic self. I love being a teacher and a student and have embraced my new appetite for growing emotionally and spiritually.


Personal Development

I never had enough courage to learn something new, I didn’t like the thought of “going back to school” until I did. Having immersed myself into learning all aspects of YOGA, Wellbeing and Reiki my life has become richer and now I’m yearning for more.


The Journey of Highs & Lows

Parenting is the most rewarding job out there in my opinion. That’s not to say there are many hurdles along the way. I know I’ve had to learn through many mistakes to make myself the best I can be, but I’m glad to say I’m still learning and growing.
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