My diary of producing the Happy Life Candles

When we went into Lockdown first time around,  I had only just started teaching Yoga about three months previously, so after having the excitement of starting a brand new business I found myself feeling a bit sorry for myself as everything started to shut down. 

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“Prana” is Breath or energy in the body. Therefore, Pranayama is “Control of Breath”. One can control the rhythms of pranic energy with pranayama and achieve a healthy body and mind. In layman terms, Pranayama is basically a series of exercises, which aims at bringing

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Wellness Wine Day

W for Wellness Wednesdays?   Well actually I was thinking more like W – for Wellness Wine days How many times have you woken up from the night before, hanging? Yes well I know I have on more than one occasion but thats not to

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Feeling Invisible?

I was walking with my girlfriend yesterday and we got talking about how us women feel invisible at times. We were saying that we seemed to have lost our identity. Both of us have husbands that travel with their work and we seem to spend

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Finding a New Purpose

This can be very daunting…..Finding a new Purpose in life is so difficult. I had to ask myself what is it you want to do with your life?  I just couldn’t get passed the fact of what it was that I wanted to do. I

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