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Life hack: You have the power to make your dreams come true.  Success isn’t achieved through 70 hour work weeks, or chasing the next “big thing.” You have the talent to get what you want in life.  You just have to silence the noise around you so you can tap into your unlimited potential.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Yoga (based on the bestselling books by Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga) are powerful principles that will lead you to attain self-mastery.  If you put your attention on these laws and practice the steps outlined in this program, you will see that you can manifest anything that you want.

If you want to :

  • break the patterns of stress and limitation
  • enjoy the benefits of unlimited options and possibilities
  • unlock your full creativity
  • awaken to silence and awareness where you will find a solution to any challenge
  • open the flow of energy to connect to your true potential
  • get the most from all your relationships
  • create the productive and satisfying life you want
  • enjoy all the success that you desire
  • become more joyful and abundant in every way

then this is the program for you!  Stop living a life of survival and learn how to THRIVE! Draw wisdom from nearly 90 years of collective meditation, yoga, and vision board experience as you are guided to break free from boundaries and step into limitless life with effortless ease.  

Body / Yoga

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is a Virtual Reality tool-kit for the 21st-century spiritual traveller.”

What to expect from your 8 week Course



Mediation is not a way to empty our minds of thoughts, it is taking us to the quiet that is already there buried under over 7000 thoughts a day! And on top of being training for your mind, it releases the “bliss chemicals” of dopamine and serotonin into your body! 

Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body’s own inner intelligence.  Meditation is a journey to our inner wisdom, emotional freedom and to the reawakening of our unconditioned self.   Practising meditation on a regular basis will help you:

  • Manage stress & reduce anxiety
  • Improve home and work relationships
  • Create inner calm
  • Enhance your sleep patterns
  • Lower your blood pressure 
  • Sharpen your focus and creativity
  • Enhance clarity of thought and intuition
  • Find more hours in your day

It is training your brain to work with you, rather than against you, experiencing life as it is, without the clouds of interpretation and perception. It is allowing yourself to live life fully in every moment, to perform at your best, to enjoy rewarding relationships, and to be happy.

VISION BOARDS: Prepare to feel empowered, excited, motivated, liberated and full of hope! In week five of the LIFE UNLIMITED! program you will experience the power of vision boards with Lara Doherty of The Motivation Clinic.  A Vision Board is a board of visual inspiration which represents your dream life. It is a combination of images, words and quotes stuck or pinned to a board of any size. It inspires, motivates and pushes you towards everything that you want to achieve in your life over next year.   

Lara knows how powerful Vision Boarding is, because she has had huge, life-changing, dramatic results from creating Vision Boards over the last 3 years, as have her clients 

Lara’s in-depth 5 hours powerful process sounds like a long time to spend creating a Vision Board, but time is what we rarely give ourselves….. it is firstly about setting intentions and then honouring ourselves the time and space to really get clear, sometimes for the first time, on what we really really want out of life. 

YOGA: During the 8-week LIFE UNLIMITED program we will join in a 45-minute breathing and gentle flow yoga practice each week, based on the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, focusing on a different law each week and complimenting the Spiritual Law of Success for the week.

No prior yoga knowledge is required.  We will strengthen and stretch the body and learn breathing techniques that will help with busy minds, energising the body and destressing the body.  Please dress comfortably in unrestrictive clothing and have a bottle of water to keep hydrated.  It is always to keep warm, so bring a blanket for our relaxation at the end of practice.  

DON’T DELAY! Early birds get the extra worms! Book three weeks before starting date and we would like to thank you with gifts worth over £250:

  • FREE access to over 40 live online meditation and breathwork classes for the duration of the program
  • FREE access to A Happy Life’s video-on-demand library for the duration of the program
  • FREE on-line virtual one to one yoga class
  • FREE Relationship Vibration Balance based on the Emotion Code
  • FREE NLP coaching session

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Panel Member Experts, Anneke Thordsen, Georgie Pincus, and Lara Doherty, collaborate to bring you this magical, life-changing program.

When Anneke left a rising executive career in 2006, she embarked on over a decade of research to discover how successful women can enjoy challenging careers without living in a constant state of trade-off, disappointment, stress, and regret. Now, drawing from over 30 years of experience, Anneke meets women as a Leadership, Mental Fitness and Awareness Mentor, Certified Kinesiologist, Emotion Code Practitioner, and Chopra Centre Meditation Instructor. — Cultivate a sense of well-being, good health, fulfilling relationships, energy and enthusiasm, and abundance will spring forth easily and effortlessly when you connect with the field of infinite possibilities from where ALL THINGS MANIFEST!

I’ve found a new path in my life. Why? Because I needed a change, I was existing in this hamster wheel of living my life on repeat. I was giving to everything and everybody but forgot who I was, what I wanted, and who I wanted to become. I was miserable at work and home and felt like I had burnt out. It wasn’t until I turned to Mediation and that’s when the light switch turned on. I slowly added yoga into my daily routine along with meditation and began to give more time to live for me, that’s when I knew I had found my new purpose in life; to teach, inspire and share with others. Georgie has been practising yoga for over 30 years, and created A Happy Life, where she guides women to support each other, teaches to empower others, and encourages self-development.

With her powerful Vision Board process, backed by Neuroscience and NLP techniques, plus over 20 years experience in the corporate world, Lara Doherty of The Motivation Clinic has applied everything she knows to create her own best life, and now she shares this magic in workshops and masterclasses to transform and create change in people’s lives. — So if you have been feeling stuck, perhaps lost your mojo, thinking what is next in my life? then you have come to the right place because we have been there I know how that feels. You will feel lighter, happy and more energised than you have felt in a long time.

“We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? … Your playing small does not serve the world.”– Marianne Williamson


This is your opportunity to supercharge 2021 for great success and happiness at work, in business, and in life!
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