Want a summer six pack?

Want that summer six pack?

If you’re planning on getting into your swimmers it’s time to start working on your summer six-pack!
I know I have been indulging more than necessary during the past four months and it started to show so if you like me want to tighten up your stomach and strengthen your core then look no further…….

Some people find gym workouts the best way to burn that extra belly fat. I, however, believe that these yoga asanas  (poses) can easily become your new best friend.

Begin in a seated position with legs activated and outstretched. Place your hands on the mat keeping a forearm’s distance between the fingertips and buttocks, with fingers spread active and pointing towards heels. 

On an inhale, expand your chest and draw your shoulder blades down as you slowly begin to lift your bum off the ground, keeping your legs straight, thighs rolled inwards, and core engaged. Keep your chin pointing towards your chest, or if you want to challenge yourself drop your head and look up.

Stand lengthwise on your mat with a medium stance, your feet parallel and about three feet apart. Move your right foot 90 degrees, so your toes face the short end of the mat, while your left toes turn about 5-10 degrees inward. Inhale and lift your arms up in line with your shoulders and palms facing the ground. On an exhale, stretch forward, lengthening the left side of your body and reach for your foot with your right fingertips. Stretch the left hand up with the left palm facing forwards, and gaze toward the middle finger of your left palm. Stay here for one whole breath before engaging your core and reaching both your arms towards the front of the mat, like you’re holding an exercise ball. Stay here for six more breaths before repeating on the other side.

Start on your hands and knees, shoulders in line with your wrists, and your hips in line with your knees—this starting pose is commonly referred to as tabletop position. On an inhale, lift your right hand off the floor to shoulder height with fingers pointing forward. Engage your core and find your balance as you lift your left leg straight behind you to hip height, toes pointing downward. On your exhale, round your back and lift your belly upwards as you move your right elbow and left knee in towards your navel. Inhale back to starting position, and exhale to crunch. Repeat for five more breaths before returning to tabletop position, and repeat on the other side.

Begin by kneeling on the mat with your feet tucked under your buttocks. Put your elbows in front of your knees, and place your forearms on the mat. Tuck your toes and slowly lift your hips to the sky, straightening your knees and coming to the shape of an inverted V. Take a breath in and lift your belly upwards and inwards, and on your exhale move your body forward, taking your chin in front of your clasped hands. Inhale, coming back to the starting position. Repeat at least 7-10 more times.


Shift your weight into your right foot.  Hug your left thigh into your chest, then extend it straight back behind you so it’s parrallel to the mat.  Flex your right foot.  Bring your fingertips to the ground to stabilize yourself if you need to. Reach your arms out in front of you so your body is parallel to the ground.  Stay here for 3-5 breaths, breathing slowly and focusing on keeping your neck long.

Slowly come out of the pose by stepping the left foot back onto the mat and repeat on the other side.   Bend your bottom kneed if you need to in order to maintain your balance, and work up to fully extending your supporting leg.


Sit on your hips with both legs extended in front of you. Place your hands behind your hips and keep your back long as you lean back slightly and lift your legs off the floor, holding your belly in and up the entire time. Reach both arms out to the sides of your thighs. Lower your legs about 45 degrees, until your body resembles a wide ‘V’. Hold this position for 10 long, deep breaths (or up to 60 seconds).

Too tough? Make it easier by bending your knees 90 degrees so your shins are parallel to the ground.

Bring your hands into prayer pose. Lunge forward with your left leg and bend your knee about 90 degrees, keeping your back leg straight. Brace your abs in tight to your spine and rotate your upper body to the left. Keep your spine long as you lean over your left leg, release your prayer and bring your right hand on the outside of your left foot. Turn your head to look up toward the sky over your left shoulder. Hold for 10 long, deep breaths and then untwist and return to standing. Repeat on the other side.

If you have trouble maintaining your balance, focus your eyes straight ahead instead of looking up to the ceiling.

Begin lying on your stomach with your arms at your sides. 
Rest your forehead on the mat. Slowly begin to pull your tummy button back to your spine and engage through your pelvic floor muscle.
Begin to slowly lift your head and shoulders off the mat in one slow movement, pulling your fingers away down towards the back to the mat. Then begin to pull your knees back up to your pelvis by engaging your legs by lifting them as much as you soon. Point your feet away and point your toes. Breath slowly and deeply through the back of the ribs.  Slightly dip your chin into your chest so to lengthen through your neck.   Hold for 5 breaths and then repeat 5-10 times.

Start by kneeling with your knees hip distance apart and tops of the feet resting on your mat. Place your hands on the backs of your hips with fingers pointing downwards your thighs as you slowly begin to use your thigh muscles to lean back and reach for your heels, one hand at a time. Open through your chest and push your shoulder blades together as your head hangs backward. Stay in the pose for seven breaths, and make sure to bring your head up first when coming out from the posture. Ensuring your abs are engaged at all times to protect your lower back.

Stand tall in Mountain pose. Inhale, shift your weight onto your right foot, and begin to bend your right knee and bring your right heel back towards your bottom. 

Slowly take your right hand and reach for your toes or the edge of your foot while you keep your focus on one point in front of you. 

Maintain a strong standing leg, slowly begin to hinge from your hips and begin to bring your body forward towards the top of your mat.  Keep your torso upright and open your chest and lengthen your tailbone downwards. As you inhale, push the right foot back into the hand, raising the leg so the thigh bone begins to become parallel to the mat. You can lift your left arm up in front of you either parallel to the mat or a little higher next to the ear. 

There’s not just one formula for a flat belly. And since few people truly enjoy traditional abs exercises, the best way to sculpt a sexy midsection is to incorporate more core work into the workouts you already know and love. Good luck lovely yogi’s xxx

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