Feeling Invisible?

I was walking with my girlfriend yesterday and we got talking about how us women feel invisible at times. We were saying that we seemed to have lost our identity. Both of us have husbands that travel with their work and we seem to spend more and more time on our own.

Saying this, I don’t mind my own company, I quite like it actually. It gives me time to think and have “me” time. I spend between 2-4 nights a week on my own and sometimes more which I’m fine with by the way. BUT, we can get into a routine of not making an effort. What I mean by that is, getting into a habit of just sitting doing the same thing night in night out. Is this due to laziness – probably. But feeling like you are invisible is dangerous, its not good for the morale, we need to change the mindset and get out there!

I used to think I was a social outgoing person who was always busy and going out but my life recently has become so mundane that I feel I have lost myself a bit. My girlfriend was saying the same thing that it’s just easier to cosy up at home and not make the effort. Don’t get me wrong, I love staying in and I love having the remote control to myself too, who doesn’t, but all the time? No, things need to change. We made a pledge that we would find the women we once were and start to live a bit again. It’s so easy to get into a rut and then our mindset changes to a negative. I can’t be bothered, I’m not feeling like it, Its too much effort…….blar blar blar! But when we do make the effort, it seems like we are living again and not just existing.


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