Finding a New Purpose

This can be very daunting…..Finding a new Purpose in life is so difficult.

I had to ask myself what is it you want to do with your life?  I just couldn’t get passed the fact of what it was that I wanted to do. I didn’t have a hobby, I guess my kids were my hobby however sad that might seem. You give yourself completely as a mother and really don’t have time for yourself.

I found it so hard to put myself first and found it uncomfortable thinking about me for once and what I wanted to do. It was so ingrained in me to put everyone else first that thinking about Me and what I wanted in life was so difficult. I use to sit and think about random ideas like setting up a gardening business – I knew deep down that I’ve never been interesting in gardening or even knew anything about plants!!

It was a desperate attempt to create a new “me”.  Its so tough to reinvent yourself in your 40’s (or any age after having children) especially if you have to go back into the work place. You’re original CV and qualifications don’t match the criteria of what people want now. Things have moved on so quickly and we end up feeling like we have to go back to school to be worthy of getting a job. It took me two years of fighting my inner self and saying just be brave, trust your intuition and go with what your gut tells you.

And Finally I did!  I wanted start a online community to help other like minded women who experience the ups and downs in life through the art of sharing.  Sharing is the most valuable asset us women can use in helping others find their purpose, diminish self doubt, empower eachother and the list goes on!

I believe we should all be ready for this transition in life.   It’s scary but doesn’t need to be, your intuition will tell you.  All you need to do is listen to it.


As Albert Einstein said “ The only real valuable thing is intuition”.

The psychologist Carl Jung who researched Intuition best described it as perception via the unconscious. He believed that we as humans can use what he called sense perception, which is essentially the ability for your mind to bring forth ideas, images and different outcomes all from your unconscious.

I have found using this incredible tool has allowed me to make super fast decisions without going through the process of comparing and contrasting options. Don’t get me wrong I still over think and analyse a lot but knowing the power of intuition tells me I’m on MY right path. I hope your find yours. Xx

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