Yummy Green Soup

I can not begin to tell you how yummy this Coconut Green Soup is that I tried from thefirsmess.com!!   I promise you, you will want to make batches and batches of it.  

This soup is full of leafy greens which as we know are fabulous for;

  • Optimal Brain support
  • Fight any Belly Bloat
  • Making your skin glow
  • Relieving stress
  • Amazing anti ageing properties
  • Will help balance your sugars.

So give it a go and let me know what you think.  Enjoy!  Till next time.




1 teaspoon whole cumin seeds
1 teaspoon whole coriander
1 large or 2 small-medium shallots, diced (about 3⁄4 cup diced shallot)
1 medium courgette, coarsely chopped.
1 bunch of celery, chopped (about 4 cups) 
1 medium apple, peeled + chopped
3 inches fresh ginger root, peeled and chopped (roughly 2 tablespoons)
6 cups vegetable stock
4 cups chopped and packed greens (I used Bok Choi, Spinach and Kale)
400ml coconut milk
Juice of 1 lime  
Himalayan salt and ground black pepper, to taste

Cooked brown rice
Cooked lentils or chickpeas sliced 
Ripe avocado
Extra coconut milk chopped basil or chives 
Olive oil


      1. Heat a large, heavy pot over medium heat. Add the cumin and coriander seeds to the dry pot and toast until fragrant, about 1 minute should do it. Remove the spices from the pot and grind them to a powder either in a blender, spice mixer or pestle and mortar, which ever you have available . Then set aside for later use.
      2. Drop in 2 tablespoons of water and heat up for 30 seconds. Add the shallots to the pot and cook, stirring frequently, until soft and translucent, about 3 minutes.
      3. Add the courgette, celery, and apple to the pot and stir.
      4. Add the ginger, ground cumin and coriander to the pot and stir to distribute the fragrant spices among the vegetables.
      5. Then add the vegetable stock to the pot and stir. Season with salt and pepper. Bring the vegetables and broth to a boil and then simmer, stirring even now and then until the courgette is tender, this should be about 10 minutes.
      6. Add the chopped greens and coconut milk to the pot and stir to mix. Keep simmering and stirring until the greens have wilted and yet still retain their bright green colour.
      7. Remove the vegetables and stock from the heat.
      8. Puree the soup with a blender, you might need to do this in batches.
      9. Return the pureed soup to the pot and bring it to a boil.
      10. Stir the fresh lime juice into the soup and adjust any the seasoning to taste. Then serve this yummy coconut green soup hot with the garnish of your choice . 

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